How we work

When entrusting the care and well-being of your child or children to someone else, be sure you have the very best.

Our Vetting and Placement Process

As a parent you know that there is nothing more important than the safety and well-being of your children. At Clementines Au Pair and Nanny Agency we feel the same and that is why our rigorous due diligence process leaves no stone unturned. Our unique nanny screening and expert staff ensure that each candidate is thoroughly vetted before they are ever considered for representation.

Firstly, We do not process high volumes of candidates in a mechanistic production line. What we offer is a bespoke personalized, and tailored service which stresses the importance of understanding individual needs. Secondly, while we are proud of our agency, we recognize not all families want the same thing from an Au Pair and Nanny agency. We have our way of doing things - we think it works. 

Our Process at Clementines Au Pairs
Clementines Au Pairs and Nanny Agency

Comprehensive Screening

In any given week our team is reviewing over 500 applications and selects the best of the best to interview. Upon completion of a successful interview our team begins verifying each candidate’s references to ensure that not only were they excellent childcare providers but also outstanding employees who are honest, reliable, safety-conscious, and trustworthy.

Our Nanny Screening Process

Pre - placement research is key

The time and effort we spend on pre-placement preparation is crucial for us. We take time to talk to families to understand what sort of Au Pair or Nanny placement they want, who the family is, what sort of people they are, and their expectations of the ideal candidate. 

Step 1- We will ask all families to fill out our registration form. It’s not the third degree, and we certainly do not want to collect any more information than is necessary. But it does take a little time, although we try to work with families to fit around their busy schedules.  

Step 2- We will then cross match the candidates we have and email them to you.

Step 3- Once an Offer of Employment has been Extended and Accepted upon offering a candidate a position, we move into the final phase of our screening process. This includes a Criminal Background Check and ID/Work Permit Verification. 

How do we find our Au Pairs & Nannies?

We source for Au Pairs or Nannies who are currently studying for an Early Childhood Development course, Au Pairing Course or have graduated from studying any Child care course. We do believe that they are the right fit for the job because they have the passion, knowledge and patience for working with children.

How do we interview our Au Pairs & Nannies?

We invite our candidates for a face to face interview to learn more about their personalities and really just to get to know them apart from what is contained in their Resume or CV, this enables us to get the perfect fit for your family and to make sure they represent what our agency stands for. We then do Reference and Qualification checks and if all checks out, we then forward the details to you for an interview.

Less than 4% of applicants pass our
Nanny Screening

Finding the “right” Au Pair or Nanny can take time

Sometimes days, on other occasions weeks. We try to give a realistic estimate of how long it will take when we know what sort of candidate you are looking for.  We aim to send just a few candidate profiles to each family, We would rather spend extra time finding the right Au Pair or Nanny than simply drip feeding any list of candidates, even though that would undoubtedly be quicker and easier. 

If we are doing our job right, we shouldn't need to send more than 3 short listed Au Pair or Nanny candidates to families. We take the time to interview candidates, and we apply our intelligent matching tools to help pin point the best candidates we can find. In the end, it is our experience and judgement of family needs and the attributes of Au Pairs or Nannies we are offering. 

Review Au Pair/Nanny Candidates Quickly

Lastly, when we do send through profiles of candidates, please look at them quickly - 24 to 48 hours. If the candidates are good, there is every chance another family will snap them up! 

How do we support you after placing an Au Pair & Nannies?

At Clementines we offer ongoing support and mediation to our host families Au Pairs and Nannies, we provide our Au Pairs and Nannies with ongoing resources to help them be knowledgeable in child care education, health and safety.

Ready to get your nanny search started?

We adopt a holistic top-down approach- placing emphasis on the specific needs and uniqueness of each family as a complete unit to ensure the perfect fit between family and Au pair or Nanny

What We Do

We know how challenging and time consuming it is to find qualified and reliable childcare, which is where we come in!

We take over the work and worry by helping families truly understand their needs, delivering the best candidates for each family and providing ongoing support even after a hire has been made.

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